Hints From Your Gearbox That You Have Transmission Problems


If you are having transmission problems, your gearbox is likely trying to warn you about them. Here are a few of the warning signs your gearbox may be trying to send you and what they mean. Keep in mind, if you are receiving multiple warnings, or having issues with, your gearbox then the issue could be more severe and should be checked by a professional.

Slipping Gears

One of the signs that your transmission may be having issues is if you start to notice your car slipping gears. What this refers to is when you place your car into a specific gear and find it moving out of that gear into other gears. As you can imagine this can be dangerous, depending on what gear it slips to, and it can wreck your transmission. If the gears are slipping, it could be indicative of an issue with the gearbox wearing down from normal use, in which case you should get a replacement from a place like Stork Gears & Services. It may also be a sign that your transmission is having issues that are leading to the gear slipping and changing.

Delayed Shifting

If you have a standard transmission, instead of an automatic, then you may notice a delay in shifting gears more than someone with an automatic. For example, if you are in an automatic, then the gears will change for stopping and restarting at a stop light or sign. If you are in a standard, sometimes called a stick shift, then you will change the gears or shift them manually. In this case, you may notice if a delay occurs that causes a moment for the car to slip into the proper gear and start, for the gear to seem to notice it has been placed into drive, or a staggering effect before it goes into drive. All of these are red flags that your transmission could be having issues that lead to transmission failures.

Increased Need to Tap Off Fluids

Topping off fluids is common in vehicles during a normal car maintenance schedule. Generally, this is done when you have your car serviced for an oil change and point check. If you are noticing that you have to top off the fluids more often, and you notice problems with your gears around the same time, then it may be a leak in the transmission. If this leak is ignored for too long it may lead to larger leaks or issues that could cause transmission failure and issues with the gearbox itself.

By keeping a lookout for these various red flags, you can ensure you are alerted earlier to any transmission issues you may be having. This will help you identify the issues and get your car to a professional before a minor issue turns into a costly problem.


28 November 2017

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